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Mission Statement:

To provide positive responses and resources in order to combat the negative challenges faced by members of the community of Matson and surrounding areas. Using a strength-based approach TIM utilises the skills and knowledge of the community to help build social capital.  TIM’s business plan will create a thorough operating guide with the purpose of standardising the work process and supporting community individuals to become volunteers, leaders and have the skills to lead fulfilling healthy lives. 


The Project is committed to:
  •  Valuing all people regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, faith, culture, age or disability.
  •  Empowering the local community and the individuals within it to overcome problems and achieve aspirations
  • Working cooperatively with other agencies to achieve the best outcomes for Matson and surrounding community.
  •  Not distributing profits, but applying all of its income to the furtherance of the charity’s aims.

Our Aims & Objectives.

The Project seeks to:
  • Offer young people and other members of the community a safe place and constructive activities;
  •  Offer young people and other members of the community the opportunity to participate in decision making;
  •  Encourage local people to take responsibility for their local community and develop their talents and skills;
  •  Offer support, advice and encouragement;
  •  Be flexible in its approach to working with young people, enabling them to grow at a pace comfortable to them
  •  Respond to identified community needs, developing work which accords with the policy and practice of the project, in partnership with others where appropriate.